The Relationship Between Driver Retention and Crash Rates

Recent research suggests that there is a link between high levels of driver retention and lower crash rates. A study published by the National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence (NSTSCE) entitled Examining the Relationship Between CMV Driver Retention and Safety took a unique approach to this topic. The study analyzes data from more than 12,000 drivers for single large carriers who were evaluated over a 3-year period.

Previous research has proven that a relationship exists between retention and safety, but these studies have fallen short of comparing the relationship between drivers who voluntarily change jobs and the impact on safety with drivers who are retained or let go due to crash involvement or safety violations and the impact on safety. The NSTSE study provides further insight by comparing ongoing employment, voluntary and involuntary turnover with involvement in moving violations and reportable crashes.

Notable findings suggest that the crash and violation risk was lowest for drivers who were employed for the full 3-year period. The risk increased for drivers who voluntarily left the carrier without a recent crash or violation, and was highest for drivers who left within 7 days of a crash or violation.

In summary, the findings present additional evidence to support the previously accepted theory that there is a relationship between increased turnover and safety, and provide additional evidence that carriers who retain drivers experience lower crash rates. Carriers who invest in retention can reasonably expect to see a return in safety.

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