Do I need Garagekeepers Insurance?

Let’s start with a few questions. Do any of the following activities apply to your operation?

  • Operate a repair shop
  • Provide towing services
  • Store equipment or containers owned by others
  • Allow other truck drivers to park on your premises

If so, you should consider Garagekeepers coverage. Trucking companies often have a shop on premises where they repair their own equipment and offer repair services to others. When equipment that is not owned by the trucking company is damaged on the premises, the trucking company may be held legally liable for damage to vehicles and their contents.

Garagekeepers coverage provides physical damage coverage for tractors or trailers that are in the possession of the motor carrier, but not owned by the motor carrier and are being kept for towing, servicing, repair, parking, or storage as part of the carrier’s garage operations. Coverage even compensates a vehicle owner if the motor carrier is not responsible for the loss, such as a loss caused by a windstorm or hail.

Here are a few examples of claim scenarios that could trigger Garagekeepers coverage.

1.     An owner-operator’s tractor and its contents are damaged by a fire while in a motor carrier’s garage for repairs.

2.    A non-owned truck is brought to the carrier’s repair shop and parked under a tree. A storm with high winds causes a branch to fall, resulting in damage to the truck.

3.    A friend of a motor carrier’s owner parks his truck on the motor carrier’s lot while on vacation. A tornado damages the truck.

4. A large metal sign falls on a non-owned tow truck on the motor carrier’s property, causing significant damage to the truck.

If you provide repairs or towing, or are ever in possession of non-owned equipment, talk with your trucking insurance agent today or give us a call at 800.596.TRUCK. At Navigator Truck Insurance Agency, we work hard at being accessible, helpful, and result-oriented. How can we put our expertise to work for you?

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