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Constructive Total Loss

Have you heard of the term “constructive total loss”? You will never forget it if you ever have one! Read more by viewing the attached PDF. [button link=”/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Construtive_Total_Loss.pdf” size=”medium” target=”self”]View PDF[/button] Constructive_Total_Loss

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Construction Zone Safety Tips

We are all aware that it is vital we exhibit additional caution while driving through construction zones. The nature of construction zones creates unique challenges to drivers, including increased congestion, poorly marked narrow lanes, frequent and sudden stops, merging traffic and workers who may step into your path. Do you know the most common reasons for accidents in road construction zones? Read more by viewing the attached PDF. [button link=”/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Construction-Zone-Safety-Tips.pdf” size=”medium” target=”self”]View PDF[/button] Construction Zone Safety Tips

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Auxiliary Power Units

With increased fuel costs and changes in idling regulations, many truckers have opted to install auxiliary power units (commonly referred to as APUs) to reduce cost and, in some cases, comply with environmental regulations. This option has raised questions on how to insure the equipment property. Read more by viewing the attached PDF. [button link=”/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Auxiliary_Power_Units.pdf” size=”medium” target=”self”]View PDF[/button] Auxiliary_Power_Units  

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FMCSA Threatens Deactivation of USDOT Numbers of Motor Carriers Who Fail to File Biennial Report

Be Aware!  If this is your year to file your biennial report with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), do not be late or your USDOT number may be deactivated. As a part of the Unified Registration System (URS), the FMCSA requires all motor carriers, even those whose information has not changed, have ceased interstate operations since their last update, or have not notified the USDOT that they are out of business, to update their information on a bi-annual basis. Back on November 1, 2013, the FMCSA began issuing warning letters to motor carriers 30 days in advance of

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Food for Thought When Making Year-End Charitable Contributions

The following article was originally appeared in Wilber & Townshend P.C.’s November 2013 Newsletter.  It is being reprinted here with their permission.  To view the original article, other Wilber & Townshend newsletters, or inquire about their services, please click here.  Before slicing into their Thanksgiving turkeys, most Americans pause to give thanks for their good fortune. And, in the spirit of the holidays, many give to those in need. The average charity receives about 40 percent of its annual contributions between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, according to Charity Navigator, a not-for-profit watchdog organization. Who’s Giving (and How Much) in 2013?

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Giving Back with Trucker Buddy

As we enter into the season of Christmas and Thanksgiving many of us turn our attention to finding ways to give back to show appreciation for all that we have.  If you are one of such individuals, here’s a great program that is uniquely geared to truckers. Trucker Buddy International started in 1992.  At its core, this program aims to connect professional truck drivers to children in grades K-8 for a pen pal relationship.  Each week drivers share their travels with the class they are assigned to while in return, each student writes a letter to their driver once a

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