The Rundown on DataQs

Did you ever wonder exactly what DataQ is? Think this: the Q equals quality.

As a Motor Carrier, data is gathered about you from a variety of places. These can include inspections of a tractor, trailer, or driver, investigations of a Motor Carrier (onsite audit), etc. This data is often entered into tracking systems manually.

Once the data is collected and entered into the appropriate systems, it’s then sent over to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA uses this data for each Motor Carrier to create accurate safety scores.

Sometimes, the person entering the information into the system makes a mistake with their entries, or they can attach someone else’s data to the incorrect Motor Carrier.

The DataQuality, or DataQ system, was put in place to allow the Motor Carrier to submit a correction to the incorrect data. Proof of the correct data is required. The FMCSA then reviews the submitted information and decides if a correction is valid.

If deemed valid, the DataQ submission is approved, and within 30–60 days after the approval, all other systems will sync to the new, updated information.

If the data is deemed invalid, the Motor Carrier’s data and score remain the same.  It is suggested to submit the DataQ as soon as possible when you see incorrect data attached to your Motor Carrier.

We at Navigator have a team of people who can help with your DataQ submissions. Not sure where to start? Call our offices to connect with your service team, and we’ll guide you from there!

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