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In reviewing my email inbox this morning I came across the following article that was written by Jim Hannon, Underwriting Manager for the Southern Region of Great West Casualty Company.  I thought the article was so good that I wanted to share it with you all.  It reads, in part. . .


“Buying a truckers policy will typically satisfy the requirement for those activities related to driving around in a truck; but that is not where the truckers responsibility ends!  Adding to this government-dictated policy is the adult responsibility of protecting property, one’s lifestyle, and those of any employees.


It is widely know that anyone can sue anyone over anything; one of life’s harsh realities.  The following scenarios highlight some activities that might prove fertile ground for a suit to grow:


● A visitor has a slip and fall accident at a trucking company’s premises breaking a hip bone, becoming partially disabled and causing lost wages.


● A truck driver throws a cigarette in a trash can that starts a fire causing $100,000 of damage to his landlord’s building.


● A truck driver makes a disparaging remark about a competitor, causing the competitor to lose a valuable contract and forcing them to sell equipment.


● While using a forklift, the trucking company’s employee steps on the gas instead of the brake and fatally injures a shipper’s employee. 


● After a truck driver repairs an owner-operator’s tractor brakes, they fail, and the resulting accident causes major damage to the unit and the local Burger Boy restaurant.


● A gasoline hauler misdelivers diesel into the “87” octane tanks at the Four Corners Fuel Stop, resulting in engine damage to 59 of their customers’ autos.


Someone must pay for the damages suffered by these innocent people.  Will you be paying from your pocket because you have taken the risk of going bare, with the potential for bankruptcy or will you have purchased General Liability coverage to handle these situations?”


The stories in which actions led to unintended consequences which led to a suit can go on and on.  Don’t get caught without this vital coverage in your time of need.  Give us at The Navigator Truck Insurance Agency a call today at (800) 596-TRUCK (8782).  Together we will review your current insurance program and determine if coverages such as General Liability, are missing. 


Until next month, wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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