FMCSA Threatens Deactivation of USDOT Numbers of Motor Carriers Who Fail to File Biennial Report

Be Aware!  If this is your year to file your biennial report with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), do not be late or your USDOT number may be deactivated.

As a part of the Unified Registration System (URS), the FMCSA requires all motor carriers, even those whose information has not changed, have ceased interstate operations since their last update, or have not notified the USDOT that they are out of business, to update their information on a bi-annual basis.

Back on November 1, 2013, the FMCSA began issuing warning letters to motor carriers 30 days in advance of their biennial update and those letters included a note that motor carriers’ US DOT numbers would be deactivated and warning and noncompliance alerts would be posted in the FMCSA IT system if they failed to comply.  Here is a guideline to help determine the due date of your biennial report:

  • If the SECOND to last number in your USDOT is odd, you are expected to file every odd-numbered calendar year.
  • If the SECOND to last number in your USDOT number is even, you are expected to file every even-number calendar year, including 2014.

Your report will be due by the last day of the month.  To determine the month due, look to the LAST number of your USDOT number and see the listing below:

 USDOT ends in 1 = January

USDOT ends in 2 = February

USDOT ends in 3 = March

USDOT ends in 4 = April

USDOT ends in 5 = May

USDOT ends in 6 = June

USDOT ends in 7 = July

USDOT ends in 8 = August

USDOT ends in 9 = September

USDOT ends in 0 = October

To complete your update, visit and click on the FMCSA Registration & Updates link.  You may also login to the FMCSA portal at  There is no charge for the update, but a credit card and your USDOT PIN will be required.  If you have forgotten your PIN, a new one maybe requested online, using your credit card (again, at no charge.)  The new PIN will be mailed to you.  PIN requests can take the FMCSA 4-7 business days to process, plus transit time – so please plan accordingly.

Do you have any questions regarding your biennial report?  Call our offices at (800) 596-TRUCK (8782) today.  At the Navigator Truck Insurance Agency we work hard to be accessible, helpful and result oriented.

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