Do you need garagekeepers coverage?

If you run a shop, do some towing, or allow other truckers to park on your premises, you may be held legally liable for a loss to a non-owned auto. A garagekeepers policy provides physical damage coverage for trucks, tractors, or trailers that you do not own but are in your possession for service or storage as part of your garage operations.

Direct primary garagekeepers coverage will compensate the vehicle owner even if you are not responsible for the loss, such as in the case of weather-related damages. This type of coverage can protect your operation and preserve goodwill in your business relationships.


If you are working on a loaded truck owned by someone else, you can also be liable for any damages to the client’s cargo, including theft; since the cargo doesn’t belong to you, your cargo policy will not respond. A property-of-others endorsement will cover losses to clients’ cargo while their vehicle is in your possession.

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