What is Occupational Accident Insurance?

Occupational Accident Insurance provides medical, disability, and accidental death and dismemberment benefits, but it’s not Workers’ Compensation.

Medical Coverage

Our Occupational Accident Insurance offers our clients freedom of choice; they aren’t directed to a network of doctors or hospitals, rather, they can see their family doctor or specialists recommended by their doctor to treat covered accidental injuries, up to the limit of the policy.

Temporary Total Disability

If an individual is unable to work due to a covered occupational accident and medical treatment is necessary, our occupational accident insurance provides compensation for lost income, with some plans offering weekly maximum benefits of up to $700 per week for up to two years during recovery.

Continuous Total Disability

Should a covered injury result in a permanent total disability, individuals may be eligible for a Continuous Total Disability benefit once Temporary Total Disability benefits have expired.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits are designed to help individuals and their families adjust to lifestyle changes that result from permanent critical injuries. The included death benefit will provide for dependents should an individual not survive a covered accidental injury.

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